A Wedding Your Way

Congratulations on your decision to get married!

I am pleased that you have taken the time to consider my wedding services. My name is
Minister Pamela Mudzingwa, I am a non-denominational minister, who is authorized to
legally marry couples in the State of New York as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. My
registration identification number with the City of New York is 26243.   

I perform wedding ceremonies because I believe that it is my calling.  I feel that too many
people are disfranchised from churches and have no place to turn to have a meaningful
ceremony.  Many people go to City Hall out of mere frustration.

I became ordained in April of 2004 and to date I have presided over thousands of marriage
ceremonies.  I believe that every ceremony I perform should be different because all my
couples are different.  I work with them to accommodate their beliefs.  I perform civil
ceremonies, spiritual unions and religious ceremonies.  I strive to make any ceremony I
perform ‘A Wedding Your Way’, that is truly memorable!  I take great pleasure in being an
officiant, and friend to the couples I meet.  

Whatever decision you make regarding a wedding minister, I
wish you a joyful and blessed life together.

Very Truly,

Minister Pamela Mudzingwa
Celeste and Lesown Hallums
The Boat Club
Kevin and Cristy McGoff
Rachael and Rafael
New York, NY
Matt and Layla
New York, NY
Jack and Jeannie Gielen
Bayard's New York
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