A Wedding Your Way
Say the vows of your dreams, any place you want!

Your wedding day is a very important day and I would like to be a part of that
experience.  My name is Minister Pamela Mudzingwa and I am registered to
be able to perform weddings in New York City.

I can meet with you in person, we can talk over the phone or if you like we
can communicate via email.  I perform customized wedding ceremonies that
reflect the tastes and the beliefs of those I marry.

My prices vary depending on the requirements of each couple.  I take into
account such things as traveling, bilingual requirements, wedding rehearsal
time (where required) and type of ceremony, before quoting a price.  Once I
quote an amount, that figure will not change and it is completely inclusive of
all your needs.  

I have married couples in my home, in their homes, in the different parks in
the five Boroughs, under the Brooklyn Bridge and at different reception sites
such as the Waldorf Astoria, Rainbow Room, Angel Orensanz, Brooklyn
Marriott Hotel, The Boathouse in Central Park, the Harvard Club, Douglaston
Manor, Peter White Studios, Glen Island Harbor Club, Crest Hollow Country
Club, Astoria World Manor, Swan Club, Floral Terrace, Bayridge Manor,
Chateau Briand, Riccardo's By the Bridge, Alger House, Norwegian Cruises
and the Water's Edge Club.  

Prices vary depending on ceremony requirements. Please fill out a wedding
request form, and I will get back to you with an exact quote.

Thank you in advance.
Joey and Janice
Top of the Crescent
Tracey and Brian
The Rainbow Room
Yves and Louis Jones
Picnic House in Prospect park
Jason and Maria Martinez
Astoria Manor
Jason and Guthrie De Bruyn
Coney Island Beach
Kevin and Latoye Talford
Sand Castle
Liala and Lorry
Voyager of the Seas NJ
Rosalyn and Anderson Joseph
Huntington Towne House
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Kennilus and Delphia Vidal
Dana and Chen
Damon and Keri Glover
Swan Club
Brygida and Michal Capala
Polonaise Terrace
Terrence and Alexis Newell
Trattoria Dopo Teatra NY, NY
Boureima and Donna Sow
Central Park
Jason and Diana Calderon
Married at Bayridge Manor, Brooklyn NY
Honeymoon on Norweign Dawn
Oliver and Kerstin Straus
Prospect Park
Brooklyn NY
Call:            917-620-3014
A member of American Association of Wedding Officiants
Created by Pamela Mudzingwa, I am blessed
Joseph and Adrienne
Eric and Beth Daye
ICI Restaurant Brooklyn
Eric and Juliana  
Boscobel House and Gardens
Tovah and Alex
Dumbo Loft
Marlon and Tasher Benjamin
Scottadito Restaurant
Julio and Betsy Mercado
Betty's Catering Queens, NY
Sean and Julie Gray
Astor Center
Joseph and Adrienne
Aniela and Mark
The Fountainhead in New Rochelle
Cecilia and Daniel
Central Park
Liz and Luis
The Metropolitan
Cera and Michael
Valley Stream
Joseph and Fabiana
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Mr. and Mrs Yab
Joyce and Mark
Galapagos Art Space
Lateacha and Kearns
Chateau Briand
Andrew and Rashida Barrington
Dumbo Loft
Lisa and Ian Bryant
Giandod by the Water